Why Belize?

Belize is a country whose time has arrived. The pristine beaches, lush rain forests and abundant wildlife have been largely untouched by civilization until recently. There are many reasons to choose Belize; it’s the only english-speaking country in Central America, it’s abundant with programs that ease the process of retirement, and the value of it’s property is appreciating. There are direct flights from major cities including Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Newark, Chicago, Dallas, and LA.


English Speaking

The official language of Belize is English. This means you don’t have to learn a new language to buy groceries, do your banking, or travel around the country. More importantly, real estate contracts are written in English.


Retirement Perks

The Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) was created to provide incentives to persons 45 years of age or older who would like to live in Belize either part-time or permanently. Benefits include tax breaks, and the ability to import personal belongings, including vehicles, light aircrafts, or boats — all duty-free.


Path of Progress

Orchid Bay is directly in the ‘path of progress.’ That is a term that investors use to describe places that are posed for appreciation in value because of an increase in tourism and infrastructural development. To give you an idea, Cancun is just a four hour drive north of Orchid Bay. It didn’t exist until the government poured billions into it in the 70’s to increase tourism. From there, it developed to what it is today.

The Belize Tourism Board is a leading and governing body, focused on steady advancements in the overall Belize tourism experience. They state, “With the momentum and guided path provided by the development of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan, the next two decades offer a unique opportunity for Belize to build upon its strengths and to take advantage of the strategic opportunities presented. Its tourism attractiveness continues to excel thanks to biodiversity, ecotourism and cultural sites, with specific sites of international interest having great potential for tourism development.” It is no surprise that real estate prices in Belize will continue to rise alongside growth in tourism. You can watch their Discover How to Be video to the right. Download our Buyer’s Guide or call (470) 223-5493 to speak with a specialist about Belize and Orchid Bay.

Why Orchid Bay?