Belize Undiscovered

Belize is relatively undiscovered. It has remained, for the most part, under the radar until just recently.

Back in the 1990’s, Costa Rica launched a fantastic marketing campaign that opened our eyes to the beauty of this region. Hundreds of Thousands of North Americans bought homes in Costa Rica and property prices sky rocketed. Unfortunately, the sensitivity to the environment and the technology for protecting the environment wasn’t as mature back then as it is today, and with Costa Rica’s native population exceeding five million people, the influx of North Americans has strained its environment.

Belize Undiscovered

Belize property sells for half the Caribbean average, and for the wrong reason — because people don’t know about it.

Belize has remained a secret because the country has only 300,000 people, and the economy has focused more on agriculture, rather than tourism. With so few people in the country, Belize has had little word of mouth advertising, and the government has not invested in marketing for tourism, the way Costa Rica did to the Baby Boomers back in the 1990’s.

Now the word is beginning to spread, but we still have a little time left before pricing really starts to move. The great news is that unlike Costa Rica, Belize is likely to retain its natural beauty and pristine environment. Over 50% of Belize is national reserve — this helps ensure the environment will remain protected. Belize has a strong department of environment protection and North America has an increased sensitivity to the environment. Couple this with the great advances in technology for protecting the environment and Belize is going to retain its natural beauty regardless of the fact that people are now discovering this natural gem. At Orchid Bay, we see Belize’s pristine nature as its greatest asset and our designs and infrastructure embrace and enhance it.

Now with all these clear benefits, how long do you think it is before Belize property values surpass the Caribbean average? To learn more about our Buyer’s Tour, click here.

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