About Orchid Bay

Orchid Bay is a gated, master-planned community located in Northern Belize. Situated on the Bay of Chetumal, it combines all the North American comforts with a Caribbean setting. Our founders were influenced by innovations in community design that reveal small-town accessibility, connectivity, and convenience — all with respect to the natural environment. The master plan calls for a series of canals and basins for easy navigation around the community, first world infrastructure, and 40% green space set aside. Orchid Bay has held the highest rating for Environmental Compliance in Northern Belize each year for the past five years. To speak to a property specialist about Orchid Bay, please call (470) 223-5493.

Orchid Bay is a debt-free, financially stable company that was built purely on equity. No outstanding infrastructure is needed because all income has been reinvested back into the community. Read what trusted sources say about Orchid Bay below:

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